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Ink and Spindle

Ink and Spindle

Today I also wanted to highlight Ink and Spindle, the local screenprinting business that is responsible for the amazing material that make the unique Sharing Ink Journals covers.

Ink and Spindle owners Lara Cameron & Tegan Rose

Ink and Spindle owners Lara Cameron & Tegan Rose

Apart from their beautiful range of prints and their commitment to ethically produced and eco-friendly materials, Lara and Tegan are great believers in community and local artists. When I contacted them about the possibility of being part of Sharing Ink, they leapt at the chance to participate in a local art project.

Ink and Spindle's printing table

Ink and Spindle’s printing table

This is Ink and Spindle’s 10 metre table, where they print all their distinctive and amazing fabrics. If you look closely at this photo, you might recognize the pattern, it can be seen (wholly or partly) on Journal 12, Journal 27, Journal 24, Journal 28, Journal 29, Journal 21, Journal 13, Journal 2, Journal 15, Journal 9 and Journal 10. But as you look on the Journals, you’ll notice the layers and layers of other patterns overprinted across the material. This is because the Sharing ink Journal material is actually material that Ink and Spindle lay down the protect their table from the screen printing process. This makes every Sharing Ink Journal unique, although there are patterns that appear again and again, it’s never the same collection of patterns on any inch of the material.

If you go to the Ink and Spindle website you’ll see all the patterns you’ve noticed on the Journals in all their glory.

I’d like to thank Ink and Spindle for their support, it is their material that gives this project it’s visual continuity and it is their generousness that has helped infuse the loveliness that is such a part of Sharing Ink.

Sharing Ink

Sharing Ink

Sharing Ink is the latest Guerrilla Kindness project by public artist Sayraphim Lothian.

30 handmade books will be given to 30 local writers and artists to inscribe with a lovely message to a stranger. At the start of August, these books will be left out in various places around the Melbourne CBD as a gift to whoever finds them.

I’m working to make the world a nicer place, one hand crafted experience at a time.

Sharing Ink is a participatory art project which focuses on strengthening communities via shared experience. There are a number of individuals and local businesses who have or are helping the project along the way, including the Inscribers, the screen printers and the paper makers. In the weeks leading up to the drop, I’ll be revealing these participants and examining the roles they have played in this experience.

Our community is made up of so many wonderful people and so many acts of generosity are spontaneously done every day,  it makes our world a much more lovely place.  Thank you to all!


Photo of Sayraphim by Robert Reid