Journal 7 and Journal 14 hand overs

Journal 7 and Journal 14 hand overs

Journal7Handover Yesterday, two more Journals went out to their Inscribers. First up was an early morning meeting at Journal 7′s Inscriber’s house. We sat on beautiful red velvet couches and, surrounded by grandmother-made tapestries and sipping coffee from clear glass mugs, I handed this Inscriber their Journal. This Inscriber is also off overseas very soon, so we had to squeeze the visit in between last minute preparations and packing. Safe journeys, Inscriber and Journal!


Later that afternoon I popped by the local Post Office to send out Journal 14. This Inscriber lives just outside of Melbourne, and although it would have been lovely to take a leisurely drive out in the country, I’m sad to say I just didn’t have time. So instead, Journal 14 went safely into an envelope to be delivered by an Aus Post employee. Travel safe, little Journal, and we’ll see you again soon.


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