Journal 21 hand over

Journal 21 hand over

Journal 21 handover

The other day it was time for Journal 21 to be handed over to it’s Inscriber. I had been past this building in the CBD many times, and knew what it was, so it was simple and easy to get too. This time, there was no getting lost for me! I climbed the stairs and was directed to the lift. In such a beautiful building I felt sure the lift would be gorgeous too, but instead it was just all black mirrored glass inside, reflecting about a thousand of me sharing my journey.

When I arrived, the Inscriber was busy on the phone but came out to meet me very quickly. They delighted over the journal and told me they already had an idea of what they were going to write, they thought they might even buy a new pen for the occasion. I love how special that is!

Because I’m occasionally aware of how busy the Inscribers are, and because I don’t want to take up too much of their time, I bustle out of their company as fast as I can. This means that again, I forgot to take the photo of the actual hand over moment. But I contacted the Inscriber later and asked if they wouldn’t mind taking one themselves, and they were happy too. At the right is the gorgeous and dreamy photo they sent me. I think it fits perfectly with the loveliness of the project and the Inscribers!

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