Journal 26 Hand over

Journal 26 Hand over

The other day I headed into the city for the handover of Journal 26. This Inscriber has a studio in TheĀ NicholsonĀ Building, which I always love visiting. It’s an old 1920s (definitely) hotel (I think) and each room is now a studio for artists and smallĀ businesses. The amazing Vali Myers had a studio in this building until she died, it was dark and villied with glorious materials and artworks and trinkets from her wild life. I visited once, in my under grad days, and did a (slightly overawed (me, not her)) interview with her.

This Inscriber has almost the opposite type of studio, all light filled and chock full of things they are working on. I spent about an hour with this Inscriber, chatting about the state of the world, the state of our art forms and the creative process. This Inscriber loved the fans on their Journal, and revealed that they always have trouble starting a new book, so I think it’ll be interesting how they will Inscribe their Journal!

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