Ming-Zhu Hii – Inscriber

Ming-Zhu Hii – Inscriber

MingZhuMing-Zhu Hii has worked extensively as an actor with major Australian theatre companies and festivals including MTC, STC, Malthouse & Playbox, STCSA and Melbourne & Adelaide international arts festivals, as well as making frequent film and television appearances. Her body of work as a maker, director and producer has been popularly and critically acclaimed. As well as her work with The Public Studio, she has produced award-winning short film, and multiple independent events. She was the co-founder of The Screen Test Studio, and created the much-loved art and design store Orlando and Ivy, as well as The Public Studio (v.1.0 as a creative business consultancy). In 2012, she founded the position of events producer at Dumbo Feather magazine, along with its popular Conversations series. Ming-Zhu’s expertise and interest spans both art and business, and she reveres the two in equal measure.


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