Sarah Walker – Inscriber

Sarah Walker – Inscriber


Sarah Walker is a photographer specialising in providing promotional and production imagery for the mad world that is the Melbourne independent theatre scene. She has been shooting professionally for four years, having started as an actor and meandered through lighting design, set design, technical operation and a myriad of other theatrical odd jobs before finally accepting that her skills lay best behind the camera.¬†She is photographer-in-residence for a variety of Melbourne theatre companies, including MKA, Red Stitch, Attic Erratic, Quiet Little Fox, Polyglot and Pop-Up Playground. She has shot across the spectrum of arts in Melbourne, from tiny one-person shows in bars to works at the Malthouse and MTC.¬†Sarah has a masochistic streak that sees her regularly take on ridiculous year long photographic projects, the most recent of which was titled ‘Clutch’, during which she shot a photo every day with an incorporated piece of text – a quote, a song lyric, a snatch of overheard conversation. The project became enormously successful, featured hundreds of individuals and gave rise to the exclamation ‘That’s totally a Clutch quote!’ in her friendship circle, which was equal parts embarrassing and awesome.

Sarah’s work can be found at

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