Dan Golding – Inscriber

Dan Golding – Inscriber

dangoldingDan Golding is a critic, journalist, and academic.

Dan writes about videogames, music, and film for a variety of publications. He is a regular at ABC Arts, and recently concluded his time in charge of Crikey.com.au‘s games blog, for which he won the ‘Best Games Journalist’ award at the 11th Annual IT Journalism ‘Lizzie’ awards. Daniel also has regular columns at Kill Your Darlings and Hyper Magazine, and has been published in The GuardianMeanjin, The Walkley MagazineScreen Education, The Conversation, The AustralianKotaku and PC PowerPlay, while his writing has been cited by TIME Magazine and The New Statesman.

Dan is also a regular on the RRR radio program Byte Into It, and has appeared on SBS Television and numerous ABC local radio stations (Melbourne, Darwin, South-West NSW, Canberra). He has also spoken at the Freeplay Independent Games Festival, the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, the Emerging Writer’s Festival, and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

Dan is also currently completing a Ph.D. in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne, where he regularly tutors and lectures.


Photo of Dan from here.

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