Jess Kilby – Inscriber

Jess Kilby – Inscriber

JessKilbyJess Kilby – I’m a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. My work is primarily concerned with meaning and identity, and how we as humans construct it – for ourselves, and with each other. Personal mythologies, communal narratives, ritual, symbol, code. Why do we look up at the stars and see constellations?

I work online and offline, using performance, technology, game structures and mixed media artefacts to create opportunities for unexpected discoveries. The participatory experiences in my work are often filtered through a layer of abstraction; previous projects have used the Tarot, cut-up techniques, space weather and superhero mythology as frameworks for exploration.

I am drawn to shadows, rifts, the inscrutable and the ineffable. When I’m not making works for the public I can often be found wandering down graffitied drains and obscure laneways with camera in tow, or constructing elaborate found-object compositions from childhood soft toys, broken jewelry, discarded chandeliers, paper umbrellas, old medicine bottles, and whatever else drifts along.

I’m currently pursuing a practice-based PhD at RMIT University’s GEElab, where I’m triangulating the delta between ambiguity (by nature and by design), exploration and self-discovery. I’ve come to suspect that somewhere in there lies the darkly beating heart that oxygenates our dreams.

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