Jana Perkovic – Inscriber

Jana Perkovic – Inscriber

jana_webJana Perkovic -Born in 1984 in Rijeka, Croatia. Resident of Melbourne, Australia since 2005. Dual citizenship as of 2011… I have been writing such things, publishing in different Australian media outlets, since 2008. I am a member of the Green Room Awards, judging for the Hybrid & Alternative Performance panel, which makes me see a lot of live art and in-between form. I co-edit and co-manage Spark Online with Carl Nilsson-Polias. I am a collaborator on the Arts Alive radio program, and a contributor to the Croatian program on SBS Radio. I am also regularly working at the Melbourne School of Design as a researcher and tutor in the fields of urban geography, design and planning. My main areas of specialisation, shall we say, are transport planning, GIS and cartography, urban policy and creative communities, and what is often (very facilely) called ‘place-making’: the right size, scale and grain of things. I have a personal interest in Japanese and Mediterranean urban structures, and in terrains vagues


Photo of Jana from here.

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