Setting the scene

Setting the scene

Ladies and gents, we are prepared!

Let me explain – to make a book, the three things you need is paper, cardboard for the cover and material to cover said cover. Because I want these books to embody the handmade nature of the whole Sharing Ink experience, it was important to ensure that as much as I could manage it, the materials were also handmade.

Now, I could have handmade paper for these books, but I’ve tried that and my paper always turns out super lumpy. Like, unable to make nice flat books lumpy and instead have you thought about using this paper for toy car speed humps type lumpy. So making the paper myself was out of the question. But years ago I came across a paper mill in Bendigo (which makes it local as well – double points!) which hand makes paper to an incredibly high standard. It’s called Watermark Paper Mill and it provides jobs for people with intellectual disabilities. So that’s where I sourced my paper.

The cardboard was not handmade, but was purchased from a local art store rather than a big chain store.

The material cover is hand printed, but again, not by me. Instead the material for the covers has been donated to me by the amazing Ink and Spindle indy screen printing business in Kensington. I can screen print, but nothing compared to Teegs and Lara. The material they’ve given me is incredibly beautiful and totally unique – it’s the material they use to protect their screen printing table, so it gets overprinted every which way with their incredible designs. It’s almost waste product to them, but to me, it’s priceless.

I’ve had the material for a while now, and I bought the card a few weeks ago, but today the paper arrived from Watermark… I’m so excited, I’m now all ready to make!


Delivery has just arrived!

Ta Daa!

Ta Daa!

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