Journal 4 hand over

Journal 4 hand over
Journal 22

Journal 4

Yesterday afternoon was very warm, oddly so for the middle of winter. It was happily tshirt weather and I was glad I hadn’t taken my jacket with me on my daily adventures. I was about an hour early for my meeting with the second last Inscriber, so I hung out in the State Library of Victoria’s foyer for a while. The sky started growing dark and the clouds gathered. I was looking down at my phone when suddenly I heard rain pelting down and squeals from people caught in it. Crowds flooded into the foyer, all dripping wet as the sky burst.

It went on for a good twenty minutes and it came time to brave the weather to head to the cafe where I was meeting the Inscriber. So I dashed out in the pouring rain, down the street, around the corner and ended up at the cafe, dripping and soggy. I sat for a few minutes before realising that I was in the wrong cafe and the cafe I was supposed to be at is attached to the Library via a weather-free corridor.

I sighed, picked up by bag and dashed back out into the rain. Eventually I made it to the right cafe, who do an excellent and warming chai tea!

I met the Inscriber, who was clever enough to have with them an umbrella, and we talked of games and play and students and teachers. Then I handed over Journal 4. Luckily the rain had stopped by the time our drinks had come to an end, and the sun broke through the clouds by way of apology.

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