Today I wanted to let you know about Paperlab, the indy company who taught me Coptic Bookbinding – the distinctive stitching style the journals have on their spine. Although I learned how to sew books during my under-grad years, it was in a traditional style, which can make them harder to open. The appeal of Coptic Books is that the books can then open totally flat, which allows you to write/draw right to the edge of the page.

Paperlab were fantastic. I took their (extraordinarily well priced) 4 hour course and at the end walked away with a completed Coptic Book as well as the skills and knowledge to make Sharing Ink a reality. Our teacher, Mitch, was friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and clearly passionate about all things paper and book. Lou, the other half of Paperlab, is also lovely and creates amazing origami as well as a variety of different paper crafts.

Head over to their website and check out the diverse range of classes these two women run!


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    • Hey Lou!
      Thank you again, I was thrilled to discover you guys and Mitch and the class were so lovely! I’m so happy that you could teach me the skills to kick my book making up a notch!
      I’m keeping an eye on your future classes, hopefully I’ll be back soon

  1. Awww!! What a lovely write up sayraphim! I’m loving your concept and what you are doing with the books, amazing! The world needs more people like you:)

    Can’t wait to see you at learning laneway( where on the same night)

    • Hey Mitch!

      Thanks so much for your kind words, and thanks for teaching me the Coptic Stitch – so perfect for this project!

      Awesome we’re on the same night, I’ll see you there!


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