Second Finder responce for Journal 17

Second Finder responce for Journal 17

On Friday I revealed on the Sharing Ink Facebook page where Saturday’s Drop was going to be, and got a response from Catherinej17_fb1
This response made me change my plan. I was going to go in the morning to drop the Journals, but this made me think that I should drop Journals at different times in the day to allow for different people to find them. So I posted:


After doing Drop #3, I got an almost instant response from the Finder of Journal 17, which was super lovely. Later that night, the other Finder of Journal 17 posted this on the Facebook page:


I was thrilled! Not only did someone who’s been following the project find a Journal, but it was because of Catherine’s comment that I’d changed how I planned to do Drops!

Honestly, I love this project!

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