Inscriber response

Inscriber response

This morning, like every morning of the Sharing Ink drops, I contacted 3 Inscribers to let them know their Journals were heading out today. In response, one of those Inscribers – Dan Donahoo - wrote a lovely blog post about being part of the project.

It’s copied below, but you can also find it on Dan’s website, here.

Lovely to be a part of @sharing_ink

Sharing Ink


Sharing Ink is a public art project devised and delivered to us by the quite amazing and playful public artist Sayraphim Lothian. She describes the project as so:

Sharing Ink is a Guerrilla Kindness work.

30 handmade books will be given to 30 local writers and artists to inscribe with a lovely message to a stranger. From 1 – 10 August, 2013, these books will be left out in various places around the Melbourne CBD as a gift to whoever finds them.

I’m working to make the world a nicer place, one hand crafted experience at a time. (Read more here…)

I was flattered to ask to be one of the project “Inscribers”. And was somewhat overwhelmed when looking over the others who are the creative and motley crew to make a mark in the journals. Among them I found some friends, some colleagues, people I have known before and others who I respect and wish to get to know. I think Sayra has pulled together a fantastic collection of people who work with words to be a part of this little act of kindness.

My journal goes out today, it will be left somewhere around the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, which I think is appropriate – as the inscription that I created was not just for the journal, but offers the finder the chance to jump out of the soft and delicate handmade pages and into a messy screen space that I built online to accompany the words.

There is something very important to me about writing words and stories. It is lovely when that sense of import is captured in a project with people whose words and stories and work I also admire. In my hectic life of raising three (soon to be 4 kids) and creating ideas and shaping little side projects and fitting in some games where I can – the ability to connect with people like Richard Watts and Alicia Sometimes and Emilie Zoey Baker and Christy Dena and Adam Ford and Fee Plumley…let alone attend a Pop Up Playground play test with Robert, Sayra and Ben – is difficult at times.

Sharing Ink has helped me (the typical fragile and slightly anxious writer) feel connected to my creative community again.

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