Sharing Ink

Sharing Ink

So It’s been close to a week since I dropped the last Journal, close to a week since the last Finder responded, and I have been thinking about the project and it’s effects.

One of the huge things that struck me about Sharing Ink was the generosity of the people involved. From the amazing Ink and Spindle ladies who gave me all of the material to cover the Journals, through to the awesome Inscribers who were each so keen to be part of the project and who gave so freely of their time, to the beautiful Sassy Red and Public Studio who did such amazing things to promote it, and to the overwhelming support I’ve had from the general public, not only those keen to find a Journal, but those who simply let me know how much they liked the project.

I also loved the beauty that it uncovered in people. The touching and beautiful stories of the finders and the heart-achingly honest inscriptions were so humbling to receive and read.

It’s been a beautiful thing to be a part of. And it’s so wonderful to be able to make a difference, however small, in so many people’s lives. It’s a joyous thing, to make a gift for someone you love. It’s a slightly more nerve-racking but just as joyous thing to make a gift to leave out in the streets.

To everyone who got in contact, to everyone who was a part of it, everyone who helped out along the way, to everyone who found a Journal and to everyone who wished they could, I say thank you. Thank you for making this project so damn amazing!

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  1. As an Inscriber (am I allowed to say that??), the feeling of excitement I got when a person found ‘my’ journal, picked it up and posted a message was really incredible. Small moments of connection. So much beauty in such tiny acts.

    • Oh Allison, that’s awesome! That’s just what I hoped for the website and social media – that it could extend the experience to those outside the 30 people who’d find the Journals in the end.

      Thanks so much for letting me know! xo

    • Oh Katie, that’s beautiful!

      I miss it too actually, it was a really joyful experience for me personally and I really loved being a part of it!

      People are asking me already to do it again, so I might just have too!

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