If you’ve found a Sharing ink Journal, congratulations! FOUND

Now you have the Journal, it’s yours to do with as you please!

Take it home and start a journal
Fills its blank pages with your own art or words
Give it as a gift to someone you love
Leave it somewhere else for someone else to find.

You can let us know what you’re planning or what you’ve done with it if you’d like, we’d love to hear your plans, but don’t feel you have too.

This Journal is a gift given with no obligations, an act of guerrilla kindness from us to you.

Words partly by Adam Ford (thanks for wording it so perfectly, Adam!)


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  1. We found Journal number 27. My partner and I found your journal whilst at the Arts Center in Melbourne. I was admiring the John Coburn Art that was hanging on the wall and that the ottomans matched the pattern in his paintings, when my partner walked over and saw your journal. He looked at it but did not pick it up and was about to ignore it when I asked what it was and picked it up. I read the inside and saw the beautiful drawings and said “Someone wants us to have this”. We carried it around the city with us to Federation Square and then for a snack at Movida, a glass of wine at the Grand Hyatt and then dinner with 2 close friends on Victoria Street. Our friends are a mother and daughter who had just lost their father/husband last week. We shared the journal with them as we had dinner, they were delighted with it as much as we were. It was a wonderful find on a wonderful day. We may keep it forever and cherish it or we made add something to it and pass it on. At the moment it takes pride of place on out coffee table.

    • Hi Jono, thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m so thrilled you found a Journal and that it was such a lovely experience. It’s always so lovely to hear from a Finder. Thank you xo

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  3. I found a journal, number 3 in the Melbourne museum. i thought it was someones diary but it was a journal. cant wait to use it and share it. thank you :)

    Orson Barrett-Scheen age 13

    • Hi Orson, I’m so happy you found Journal 3! Thanks for letting us all know and we know you’ll do some great stuff in it.


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