My Town, Melbourne, 1 August, 2013

Sharing Ink is a project where 30 notebooks whose first page has been inscribed by a poet, artist, writer or blogger and then hidden somewhere in the wild.”

Sharing Ink – 30 Random Acts of Guerilla Kindness, 31 July, 2013
Inside every book, there is an inscription by a local artist. The inscribers have contributed to the Guerilla Kindness project with a piece of their own art. It is a kind of dedication, welcome words, thank you or just something to inspire you. After the artists’ contribution on the first page, it will be the finder’s job to fill the beautiful pages.”

Sharing Ink – Free Beautiful Things Just Left On the Street!, 30 July, 2013
It’s kind of a reward to those people who are curious and adventurous enough to interrupt their journey through the city for whatever reason to pick up something beautiful and unusual.”

Milkbar Magazine, 30 July, 2013
Interactive artist Sayraphim Lothian wants to create a little moment of enchantment in your everyday life. She wants you to stop and take notice of things normally unseen.”

Naomi Bulger : messages in bottles, 30 July, 2013
It is mid-morning. You are walking through the city, minding your own business, when you spot something colourful on a stone fence up ahead. You pick it up. It is a journal, lovingly hand-made, and beautiful.”

Peppermint Magazine, 30 July, 2013
If you’re lucky enough to find one, you can keep it, or pass on the goodwill by adding your own message and leaving it elsewhere”

Meld Magazine, 29 July, 2013
“…each book promises to be one heck of a find for whoever is lucky enough to stumble upon it. Sayraphim will be quietly dropping her books in places over Melbourne from August 1 to 10, so keep your eyes peeled for the colourful tomes!”

Paperlab.Co, 26 July, 2013
… an unsuspecting scav hunt will create a sense of awe and wonder for 30 Melbournians who stumble upon these pages filled with sentiments from strangers.”

A City with a Quirk, 18 July, 2013
Sharing Ink is a participatory art project which focuses on strengthening communities via shared experience.”

Everguide, 17 July, 2013
Through a treasure hunt of human kindness, artist Sayraphim Lothian hopes to bring the community closer together with her latest project, Sharing Ink.”

SYN FM Radio interview, 4 July, 2013
Listen to it here.

Time Out Melbourne, 3 July 2013
“In an attempt to highlight the beauty and unpredictable nature of modern life, artist Sayraphim Lothian will be leaving handmade, inscribed books in various places around the CBD as a gift to whoever picks them up.


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