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Sharing Ink

Sharing Ink

Sharing Ink is the latest Guerrilla Kindness project by public artist Sayraphim Lothian.

30 handmade books will be given to 30 local writers and artists to inscribe with a lovely message to a stranger. At the start of August, these books will be left out in various places around the Melbourne CBD as a gift to whoever finds them.

I’m working to make the world a nicer place, one hand crafted experience at a time.

Sharing Ink is a participatory art project which focuses on strengthening communities via shared experience. There are a number of individuals and local businesses who have or are helping the project along the way, including the Inscribers, the screen printers and the paper makers. In the weeks leading up to the drop, I’ll be revealing these participants and examining the roles they have played in this experience.

Our community is made up of so many wonderful people and so many acts of generosity are spontaneously done every day,  it makes our world a much more lovely place.  Thank you to all!


Photo of Sayraphim by Robert Reid