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Sassy Red PR

eleanorI’ve been super lucky to have the lovely Eleanor, the one woman force of nature behind Sassy Red PR on board for Sharing Ink. I decided fairly early on for this project that since the whole point was to spread the idea of loveliness as far as I could, that having a publicist on board would be a really important part of that.

From the moment I contacted her about being part of Sharing Ink,¬†Eleanor has been super enthusiastic about the project, the goals and the works themselves. She instantly got me, my project and my publicity needs. Eleanor’s been amazing to work with, answers novice questions with speed, patience and kindness and is amazingly organised, which is awesome for a public artist who occasionally needs some outside organising!

If you’re a local Melbourne artist who has an important project coming up in any discipline and think that a bit of publicity is just what your work needs, go grab a coffee with¬†Eleanor and find out the possibilities!